The Wahrk is an aquatic carnivore that is found in the waters in Riven, the people of Riven feared and revered the Wahrk  and it was this fear that Gehn took advantage of, he kept two as pets and would feed disobedient villagers to them using the Wahrk Gallows to lower them into the hungry creatures mouth.

There are many Wahrk bones littering Riven, the results of Gehn’s all too frequent hunts.

 The Wahrk is also seen in the underground chamber on Plateau Island if you use the light to call it, beware though, call it too many times and it will get very upset!

The Sunners are found basking on a rock (which turns out to be an effigy of the Wahrk) on Jungle Island, they are shy semi-aquatic creatures that feed on plankton but can be approached if you are careful.

The Wahrks’ and the Rivenese almost hunted them to extinction so there are only two left.

If you do manage to scare them away simply go back up the steps, cross the rope bridge, take a right turn towards the sea, approach the cart that will take you to Boiler Island, wait a moment, turn around and go back to the rock, the Sunners should re-appear - then you can scare them away all over again…

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