Known as Plateau Island, Survey Island and Map Island (among others), this island has a wide plateau with a 3 dimensional map of all of the islands of Riven. The island has a lower level which is accessed by a Golden Elevator, this takes you down to two areas, a Maglev car with a direct link to Jungle Island and the Wahrk Observation Chamber which is situated in a huge cave with a massive glass observation window, in this chamber you can call the Wahrk by illuminating a red light at the top of the window, however, do this too many times and the Wahrk will get really annoyed - you have been warned!

It is in this chamber that you will also find an imager that allows you to look through Gehns observation cameras on Prison Island and Jungle Island

Gehn used this island to study the drift of the islands of Riven caused by the deterioration of the age, it is also in the lower level where you will encounter (only once) one of Gehn’s scribes (played by Cyan’s Tony Fryman), upon seeing you he immediately makes off for the Maglev station and if you follow him you can see him make his getaway in the Maglev car.

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