Also known as Village Island, this is the largest of all of the islands and on it is the only surviving area where the vast majority of the Rivenese live. Access to all other islands with the exception of the Temple on Temple Island, is forbidden by Gehn. Jungle Island contains a large lake where the village and its school is located, there is also a device known as the Wahrk gallows, this is where Gehn punished disloyal villagers by feeding them to the Wahrk. Beneath the lake is an underwater track where the mini submarine will take you to different parts of the village.
In the centre of the lake you can see one of Gehn’s observation cameras for watching the villagers every move.
A lot of trees have been cut down on Jungle Island to be converted into paper on Boiler (or Book Assembly) Island for Gehn's books, this is most evident near the Cart station that links Jungle Island to Boiler Island.
The cut down trees are shipped by what looks like a coal-cart to a chipper on  Boiler Island.

Once on Jungle Island you can gain access to all of the other islands (Boiler, Temple Island and Plateau Island) with the exception of Prison Island which can only be reached via Gehn’s 233rd Age.
What is also interesting about this island is this is where you find the Sunners and the Moiety Gateway which is a concealed chamber where the Moiety keep their linking book to the Rebel Age ‘Tay’.

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