The Moiety are the inhabitants of Riven who rebelled against Gehn, they originally lived in Riven but after they found one of Gehn’s ‘failed’ books Katran (Catherine) was able to modify the book and provide them with a link to the age of Tay, this became their hideout.

In the Tay linking cave there is an effigy of Gehn covered in the small daggers that the Moiety used, their hatred of Gehn very much in evidence!

Each dagger represents a rebel who has died in the fight against Gehn’s tyrannical power, the effigy also serves as a potent reminder to the rebels that they are about to enter Gehn’s domain and to be on their guard.

Ryan Miller (Rand and Robyn’s brother) played the part of the Moiety scout who disabled Cho at the start of the game.

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